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Use Hakken to continuously discover your web applications and their dependencies.

Save time

Quickly answer questions such as, which of my web servers are exposed to the internet? What ports do they have open? What front end technologies do they utilize? What third party resources do they include?

Be alerted

Get notified when new ports are opened or closed, certificates are about to expire, and when new domains or websites are brought online.

Nothing to install

No agents. Just put in your domain names and let us take care of everything else.

No limits

Lets face it, no one likes API credits or usage limits. With Hakken, you access your data as you see fit. Never feel like you will lose something when you use our service.

How it Works

Continuously Discover

  • 01 - Create scan group and upload hostnames, or IP addresses.

  • 02 - Hakken will do DNS queries, brute forces sub domains, zone transfers, name mutations, and more

  • 03 - Queries against public data sets such as certificate transparency servers

  • 04 - Run port scans against hostnames in your defined scope

  • 05 - Loads assets in a real browser for common as well as custom ports

  • 06 - Captures screenshots, raw HTML, and all text resources

  • 07 - Extract known technologies used by the loaded asset

  • 08 - Notify you when the loaded asset changes, or new hosts or open ports are found

  • 09 - goto 2

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Hakken Features

Continuously Discover

Web sites, ports and sub-domains are monitored for changes multiple times a day.

Continuously Monitor

Ensure you have an up-to-date view of what you own.

See What You Have

Host name lists, negotiated certificates, screen shots when loading your site.

Be notified

Configure daily and weekly emails to be notified of changes that occured.

Pause & Resume

Pause and resume puts you in control of your asset groups.

Capture Traffic

All traffic is captured when loading each web asset, including third party resources.

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