Introducing Hakken Beta


Introducing the Beta Release of Hakken Continuous Discovery System

We are pleased to announce the beta release of the Hakken Continuous Discovery System. The threat landscape has changed. Monthly, quarterly, or point in time assessments are no longer enough. If the bug bounty programs have taught us anything, the faster you are able to assess an organization’s external footprint, the higher the chance you have of getting in before someone else.

Hakken was built –not for bug bounty hunters– but for organizations who need the best and most up to date view of their network as it exists in real time. Our vision for this service is to enable organizations to continuously discover, to find new hosts on their network, and to know when their site or sites have changed so they can constantly monitor what technologies are in play.

Protecting yourself in an ever changing landscape is difficult, but knowing what that landscape looks like and how it evolves is one of the first steps an organization can take to prioritize their defenses.

If you are interested in the Hakken service to continuously discover new web assets on your network, please contact us as we are actively looking for beta testers.