Less Flash, Better Data


One common feedback we received was that our dashboard looked nice but wasn’t really useful, and we listened. This update makes it far easier to immediately get to the data you need. Your website’s technologies and their dependencies.

Updated Dashboard

Now when logging in, you will be given immediate access to view the data that’s most important to you. If you have any expiring certificates, you can click the Show Expiring Certificates to automatically load all expiring certificates in an easy to view drop down. You can also click the red ‘Certificates’ icon to load all collected certificates.

The dashboard now has two primary buttons: Technologies and Dependencies. Technologies will list all detected technologies across your scan group. By clicking on an individual technology, it will drill down into a list of all detected versions. If only one version is detected, a table will immediately load the list of websites that were found to use the technology.

Domain Dependencies

Whether it’s fonts from google, or JavaScript from a CDN, almost every website includes resources. With the domain dependency view, you can view where these resources are being loaded from across your entire scan group.


Simply click the domain from the list, or type the start of the domain name to have the list automatically filtered. Press enter to automatically search if a single domain is shown in the list.

If you’re the more visual type, you can view which domains your website loads resources from by clicking the Graph View.

The graph is now interactive, clicking a domain will automatically load a table of all websites that load resources from that particular domain.

Searching your list of addresses is now far easier with an enhanced search filter. You can now search by confidence levels, hostnames, IP addresses, DNS record types and more. Simply type or click from the list of filters to select.


Thank you beta testers

Thank you again to all the beta testers, your feedback is extremely important to us!